"   I’m not here to impress none of you mother fuckers.   "
Louis A. Whittaker aka NinjaDeath (via goreninja)
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there are moments I wonder if
anyone even genuinely likes me
there is a difference between
liking someone and tolerating someone

I feel like everyone is doing the latter
to me

because really, I am but
paper without ink
and a bland piece of dough;
I tread lightly and yet I leave behind
a trail…

"   Maybe I classify my clothes by seasons, by colors, maybe I never let the dust get under my bed, maybe I organize by heights, by shapes, hell, maybe I make my bed every day, because I don’t like the messy sheets. But the messy closet is myself, inside I keep the letters never sent and the memories are cracking the walls, inside the worst fears come and go whenever they want, they make stumble and fall, I can’t understand my lack of control, inside everything is always loud.
Believe me, I tried to clean up this mess, but I fail every time.
I try really hard to keep this side out of your sight, so, please don’t break in, I’m not ready to let this things out.   "
"Another one about obsessions" - d.v  (via unfinishediam)
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